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Düsseldorf office

Wacom Europe GmbH was established in 1988 in order to disseminate the brand, develop business and support customers in the EMEA markets (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The hub in Düsseldorf welcomes business teams (sales, marketing and operations) and corporate functions (brand, communication, accounting, etc.), who are focused on creating value and meaningful experiences to the local communities (partners, customers, end users).

Altogether, the team has over 170 members, who embody the multicultural, dynamic and creative spirit that characterizes Wacom.

Since September 2021, the hub is located on the Medienzentrum in the heart of Düsseldorf's "Media Harbor", a borough that is home to many media, design and fashion companies. Our Brand Experience Center is located on the ground floor of the same building, acting as an innovative facilitation space for creative minds of all kinds, industries and skill sets.

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