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Valentine's Day and Altweiber

Being together it is a key priority for our team members. That is why when there are good occasions, we celebrate our workplace friendships and the appreciation that we have for each other. This week we celebrated Valentine’s day 💗 at Sofia’s office that was all about wine tasting and enjoying quality time together. Also at the Dusseldorf’s office we celebrated the so called "Altweiber", which is the start to the Carnival season in Germany 🎭, and of course we couldn’t miss this fun and got a bit of carnival spirit together. Such celebrations are a meaningful time for us to get together and share those moments! 🙌🏻


Xmas at Wacom

Xmas is around the corner😱 and we at Wacom are already fully prepared, excited and in a festive mood. December was full of engaging activities to share the joy of the holiday season💫 - In the special theme parties allusive to the launch of our new product Cintiq Pro 27, all Wacom Masters of the Universe were called to join forces and celebrate all this year's cosmic victories in Düsseldorf and Sofia. - We enjoyed a charity breakfast together. The most meaningful choice for us in the last days of the year was a team gathering and contribution to valuable causes – a mission that we were embracing and will continue spreading in the coming year. Another great time to connect with each other.


Family Spirit

The air at Wacom is already filled with the special holiday season cheer. This festive time of the year it is always bringing our family spirit in the office – we have invited every team member to come with their little ones and share the time together. We have planned different artwork activities, painting, cinema, music and of course a lot of goodies ✨ Sharing some of those moments from Duesseldorf office and St. Nicholas celebration as well as Christmas tree decoration with organics toys at our Sofia office 🎄 It is a meaningful time for all of us and we absolutely enjoy it! ❤️


Autumn Health Week

Great start of our Autumn Health Week. Wacom is promoting another meaningful edition for our team members’ physical and mental health. One week with different stretching, meditation activities, webinars along with steps challenge for everyone. More has come today as we had the very special office day with healthy meals & smoothie preparation – sharing some captured moments. 🍉✨ Happy to have so many enthusiasts joining the program from different locations – stay healthy!


Summer Event

We are finally all together since a long time. A 2-day event filled with business insights, inspiration, creativity and lots of laughter and fun 😃 Another two amazing days at Wacom 🎉


Cheers to summer vibes! 🍹

Treats and delicious tropical refreshments are always welcome in our offices. It is a meaningful time for us to get together and share those moments!   Summer isn't just a season – it's an attitude!


Sofia Office Award

We are very proud to share that this year we were recognized as a Top 3 “The coolest office” in Bulgaria among 457 companies in the competitive Career Show Awards 2022! Today, in this hybrid work environment, it is very challenging to keep the office as a special place – meaningful and recognized by the employees. Place where you can identify with your brand, you can share your ideas in a more direct and engaging way, and most importantly you can feel the human presence, the team spirit and reconnect yourself with your company culture. Respect to each of our team members who make this place meaningful and valued!