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Sofia office

Wacom Global Software Technology Research and Development Ink Division was established in 2012 with main forces in Bulgaria, UK & US.

Оver 1200 people work at Wacom, 60 of which are in Bulgaria in the Apps &Could, Technology - R&D, QA, Design, Product Management teams.

Today our growing office in Sofia promotes new digital ink standard by developing applications, web and cloud solutions that help our customers to create, store and share their notes, sketches and creative ideas. Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™) is an across-platform digital ink technology created and developed by the R&D team in Sofia. WILL™ enables developers of drawing, writing, signing software applications/products to visualize, store and share Ink data. Part of the directions for the development of WILL™ are in the field of AI – adding semantic information to handwritten ink, verifying signatures using biometric data, using digital ink in AR and XR environments. WILL™ is a link between software and hardware.

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